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Structic is a leading provider of specialist engineering design services.  We deliver design solutions for over £100M of building projects every year both in the UK and Europe.


Our growing team is made up from talented structural, mechanical and façade engineers.  We work collaboratively with a range of clients including specialist sub-contractors, architects, principal contractors, manufacturers and inventors. 


Our work includes designing all types of façades, innovative structures and building construction systems. 


Our experience, ability, and track record for delivering inspired engineering solutions make us the partner of choice for a diverse range of clients across these specialist sectors.


façade engineering

Our façade work covers the full spectrum of materials and systems including curtain walling, unitised systems, rainscreen and bolted glass. We are adept at integrating additional complex elements including brise soleil, canopies, walkways and other elements more commonly required on many modern buildings.


We also carry out thermal appraisals of façades and work with our clients to develop the most thermally efficient and structurally sound solutions.

specialist structural engineering

Where some may see the mundane, we see an opportunity to innovate, regulate and improve. 


Our portfolio of specialist structures includes balustrades and fenestration solutions, staircases, complex connections, bespoke structures and even art installations.


The environmental & commercial benefits in using offsite building solutions are now being understood and adopted.  We provide structural design services for various offsite solutions including timber frames, structural framing solutions (or Light Gauge Steel) and hybrid panelised solutions.

glass design

Well designed and constructed glass structures can be incredibly strong, efficient and safe.  They can also be beautiful, elegant and practical.


We have extensive experience in the use of glass as a structural material.  This ranges from basic window glass to more complex “walk-on” glass floors, frameless rooflights, swimming pools, curved glass walls and revolving doors.


We have also designed award winning glass staircases and walkways, canopies, bolted glass façades and stand-alone glass structures.

product development

If existing systems don’t work or can be improved, we design new ones.


We have worked with our clients to develop a wide range of products.  These includes standardisation of signage solutions, balcony systems, rainscreen systems, estimating software, glass stillage solutions, bespoke propping and access equipment.


If it is an engineering problem that requires some lateral thinking and expertise, then we welcome the challenge. 



There seems to be a growing demand for curtain walling systems integrating single piece glazing, extending almost full storey height.  This puts a greater demand on façade engineers and contractors….which is worthy of discussion. 

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Jul 2022

The word ‘façade’ has a few different meanings.  (That’s what happens when we steal words and phrases from our Latin friends!)  It literally means “face”, which over time has been extended to mean ‘of limited depth’, or ‘shallow’. This negative context can then be absorbed into the psyche to mean that it is of little substance and therefore not important.  


It’s just a façade?  Its just a front, isn’t it?  Well, of course that is true - that is all it is, and there is no getting away from it.  It doesn’t support the building and is considered structurally - at best – to be of secondary importance.  

When engineers design buildings, the façade is often considered as an “additional weight” that must be carried by the frame, or a means from which wind is applied to the main structure.  An inconvenient part of the process if you like. 


However, let’s consider the façade as a “skin”.  (I know this might be pushing the emotive analogy a bit too far, but bear with it…)


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learning_centre_001 (2).jpg

Jan 2022

We are Hiring!

As part of our growth plans, we are now recruiting for talented, enthusiastic engineers in both our UK (Newcastle) and Portugal (Lisbon) Offices.


We are currently looking for:

  • ​Solidworks / FEA Engineers (UK and Portugal)

  • Structural Engineering Graduates (UK and Portugal)


This is an exciting time to be working in engineering design, and especially the quickly evolving specialism of façade design.

Click here for more details.


September 2021

Structic Launch

Welcome to Structic!

As of the 1st September, JCC Facades has a new name – Structic!

Whilst our old name has served us well, the company has progressed and developed over the last 3 years.  We feel that our new name and branding better reflects the direction in which we are moving.  Whilst much of our work relates to specialist façade design, and will continue to do so, we are also innovators in other fields that cover a broader spectrum of engineering design services.

We are the same company with the same people, but the new brand will better facilitate our ongoing expansion and evolution.  

We are really excited about the future.....working with our superb existing clients on some fantastic projects, but also developing new relationships along the way.


September 1, 2021

The Wheelhouse 

Installation of the glass extension at the Wheelhouse in Cheshire is nearly complete.  This series of phenomenal glass structures house an indoor pool, games room and sun terrace and form a superb addition to this beautiful property.  


Our valued client Clear Living pushed us to explore every avenue to make sure it looks crisp, clean and in line with the architect’s vision.  Working in collaboration with Crossley Consult, we drilled down on every detail to make this happen, and we are delighted with the results so far.  


We can’t wait to see the finished structure, although I doubt we will get a dip in the pool!   

August, 2021

The Wheelhouse Progression
The Wheelhouse Progression


Our core purpose is to try and find a better way.


Seeking better, efficient solutions through innovation drives us forward.  Ensuring what we do is ethical, sustainable and safe is just as important.


We value our clients, not only as corporate organisations, but also as individuals.  We take time to understand what is important to them, and always give the best advice we can.


Whilst some of what we do can be complex, our goal is to communicate with clarity and purpose.


Every job is different, and every client is important. We make sure we take the time to learn from each experience for the mutual benefit of our clients, our staff and our business.




Toffee Factory, Lower Steenbergs Yard

Ouseburn, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 2DF



Via do Oriente 18, E4,

1990-525 Parque das Nações


Please email your enquiries to .... our team look forward to hearing from you!

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